Dear community,

We would like to thank you all for the continued support each one of you have shown to DFSocial which is contributing to a strengthened community day by day. We are extremely grateful and we hope you appreciate the various promotions and rewards we have and are continuing to offer.

Back last month we had the great pleasure of announcing our first gaming ambassador Madnesstr a League of Legend’s superstar. We have always envisioned growing our team of ambassadors to create world class gamer teams of professionals.

So today we are happy to announce to you our second…

Dear community,

DFSocial integration into Binance Smart Chain has been a total success! Our priority now is to add more liquidity to the BNB/bDFSocial pool. To encourage the DFSocial community to help us with this task, we are offering incredible INSTANT rewards for big liquidity providers:

Those who lock at least 4 BNB/bDFSocial LP tokens for 1 month will INSTANTLY get 10% of their LP locked amount paid in bDFSocial.


There is a new Vault on DFSocial Farming Platform, where liquidity providers have to lock their LP tokens to get the bDFSocial reward.

  • Total Allocation: 50 bDFSocial
  • Lock Time: 1 Month
  • Min. Deposit > 4 LP

If you have deposited LP tokens, you cannot deposit again until you…

Dear community,

We hope you’re all ready for what’s coming! DFSocial Gaming began with League of Legends which was a great success and very well received by the community. We will be announcing new League of Legends events very soon.

For now is time to focus on Poker, Chess and Counter Strike Go! You can now find these new tournaments on the DFSocial Gaming Platform. Registration has already started!

Dear community,

The second tournament has been a total success. We would like to congrats all the participants, you did really great!

Rewards can now be claimed.

As always, some players did better than others and got better rewards. The TOP 30 players and their reward are:

  • 1: Monkey D Albert 4,39 bDFSocial = $615,31 🥇
  • 2: PoIIoFrito1 3,82 bDFSocial = $535,62 🥈
  • 3: Chiva activoo 3,63 bDFSocial = $509,08 🥉
  • 4: Zacks91 2,63 bDFSocial = $368,49
  • 5: Tas Kagit Baris 2,24 bDFSocial= $314,75
  • 6: Ýasuo Feat 2,18 bDFSocial = $305,61
  • 7: ÖneChupino 2,15 bDFSocial = $302,37
  • 8: ziiferone 2,14…

Dear community,

Further to our earlier announcement of Pancakeswap being integrated as our DEX of choice we now announce the first farming vault.

bDFSocial + BNB will be the component tokens of the LP

Rewards will be paid in bDFSocial

APY % of this pool is calculated in the same fashion as Pool B Staking; For every Farmer providing liquidity the APY % will increase by 1%

Total vault rewards = 50 bDFSocial.

Fees and requirements

  • Deposit/Withdrawal Fee = 1%
  • Minimum LP Deposit = 0.3 LP
  • Lock-time = None

See the farming contract on BSC Scan

Farming Platform

Happy Farming!

DeFi Social Gaming Team.

Dear community,

In light of recent trends in the Binance Smart Chain — we have decided to opt for PancakeSwap over Burgerswap as the optimal exchange/pooling for our tokens.

PancakeSwap Site

BNB / bDFSocial LP Token

It is important that you cease trading on burgerswap as the liquidity will not be there.

We will reveal our farming service on PancakeSwap very soon. As LP tokens are available there, you re able to farm like the previous farming on Ethereum Network. Or we can also apply for a SYRUP pool. Let us know what do you prefer!

You can now add…

All bDFS hodlers who correctly predict Madnesstr finishing position will share in this 5 bDFS drop.

To enter this free airdrop all you need to do is lock 1 bDFS token for 1 week.

5 bDFSocial Promotional Drop — Guess what position our gaming ambassador Madnesstr will finish in this weeks League of Legends Tournament and you will win an equal share of the 5 bDFSocial (Currently >$1,000) Drop.

Checkout the pinned “player list” on DFSocial Telegram and see if you can study the form to estimate Madnesstr’s likely finishing position.

👉 Madnesstr Twitch Channel 👈

Happy Gaming & Good Luck!

As previously advised (BSC Article), with our integration onto the Binance Smart Chain gamer fees are going to be demolished!

You will all be glad to know that we will be paying out the rewards from the second LOL Skill-Based tournament in bDFSocial (the new integration of DFSocial onto the Binance Smart Chain).

You will be able to claim the rewards once all the scores are calculated, after the tournament finishes. The only change is you need to connect your wallet with Metamask connected to Binance Smart Chain and have some BNB there. Then click “Claim” and accept the transaction…

A definitive guide to our integration onto the Binance Smart Chain.

As announced recently we will be integrating the DFSocial Gaming platform onto Binance Smart Chain in the coming weeks. To prepare you all for the move please see below our easy to follow tutorials.

Token Contract Addresses

DFSocial address (ETH): 0x54ee01beB60E745329E6a8711Ad2D6cb213e38d7 ✅

🆕 bDFSocial address (BSC): 0x75de745a333a47Fe786e8DbBf3E9440d3d5Bc809

How do I setup my Metamask for Binance Smart Chain?



How do I swap my current DFSocial Tokens for the new bDFSocial Tokens?



How do I purchase bDFSocial on Binance Smart Chain with my BNB tokens?

It works exactly the same as Uniswap, with these changes:

  • The token is bDFSocial (DFSocial on BSC).
  • The liquidity is added with BNB (Binance Token). You need/get BNB when you buy/sell bDFSocial on BurgerSwap.
  • The fees…



Dear community,

Over the coming month DFSocial will be migrating from Ethereum Network to Binance Smart Chain. With this ground-breaking move DFS will be the first in our sector to negate the debilitating fees associated with Crypto Gaming.

What does this mean for DFSocial Gaming Fees?

  • Migration from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain (
  • Fees will become a fraction of what they were — BSC users pay less than $0.10 per transaction, while Ethereum DEX users pay $4.5 per transaction — making BSC 49x cheaper. …

DFSocial Gaming

DFSocial Gaming is a innovative project bringing together DeFi and Gaming.

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