🗓️🕹️ DFSG December Tournaments Calendar 🗓️🕹️

More great news! DFSocial team is pleased to announce the new tournaments for December🎮

DFSocial Monthly Calendar

We have up to 45,000 $DFSG (∼$16,000) in prizes to be distributed this month 💰 Let’s jump right into the details of what’s coming up!

For now, we are implementing some changes focussing on the requirements and prize distribution, we will be rewarding the most skilled gamers more. More info HERE.

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👑 Clash Royale #2

🔹Game modality: 1 vs 1

🔹Registration period: Until 16th December 23:59 UTC

🔹Gaming Day: 17th December 15:00 UTC

👉More Info: https://defisocial.medium.com/tournament-announcement-clash-royale-2-854329cdff31

👉Web: Click here to go to the Clash Royale #2 site

♟️ Chess #11

🔹Game modality: Blitz (3 min)

🔹Registration period: Until 15th December 23:59 UTC

🔹Gaming Day: 16th of December 18:00 UTC

👉More Info: https://defisocial.medium.com/tournament-announcement-chess-11-d22f6710ae9f

👉Web: Click here to go to the Chess #11 site

🧙‍♂️ League of Legends #17

🔹Game modality: 3 vs 3

🔹Registration period: Until 17th December 23:59 UTC

🔹Gaming Day: 18th of December 15:00 UTC

👉More Info: https://defisocial.medium.com/tournament-announcement-league-of-legends-championship-17-1458575f56f5

👉Web: Click here to go to the League of Legends #17 site

🔥 Valorant #6

🔹Game modality: 5 vs 5

🔹Registration period: Until 10th December 23:59UTC

🔹Gaming Day: 11th December 15:00 UTC

👉More Info: https://defisocial.medium.com/tournament-announcement-valorant-6-82b4bd29c706

👉Web: Click here to go to the Valorant #6 site

⚽️ FIFA #3

🔹Game modality: 1 vs 1

🔹Registration period: Until 18th December 19:00 UTC

🔹Gaming Day: 19th of December 11:00 UTC

👉More Info: https://defisocial.medium.com/tournament-fifa-22-pc-3-58c4f3f32e0e

👉Web: Click here to go to the FIFA#3 site

🚗 Rocket League #8

🔹Game modality: 2 vs 2

🔹Registration period: Until 17th December 23:59 UTC

🔹Gaming Day: 18th at 11:00 UTC

👉More Info: https://defisocial.medium.com/tournament-announcement-rocket-league-championship-8-d3d3d2554f35

👉Web: Click here to go to the Rocket League #8 site

⚔️ Brawl Stars #12

🔹Game modality: 3 vs 3

🔹Registration period: Until 16th 23:59 UTC

🔹Gaming Day: 17th December at 18:00 UTC

👉More Info: https://defisocial.medium.com/tournament-announcement-brawl-stars-12-5b13ba92f30c

👉Web: Click here to go to the Brawl Stars #12 site

♣️ Poker #14

🔹Game modality: Individual

🔹Registration period: Until 11th December 23:59 UTC

🔹Gaming Day: 12th December 16:00 UTC

👉More Info: https://defisocial.medium.com/tournament-announcement-poker-13-8785a4ac2524

👉Web: Click here to go to the Poker #14 site

🔫 CSGO #9

🔹Game modality: 2 vs 2

🔹Registration period: Until 18th December 23:59 UTC

🔹Gaming Day: 19th December 16:00 UTC

👉More Info: https://defisocial.medium.com/tournament-announcement-csgo-9-9dab64c3c836

👉Web: Click here to go to the CSGO #9 site

How To Participate?

New to crypto? Join our Discord server and find a sponsor who will lock up his tokens and you’ll split your rewards with them (50%|50%). More info here.

Good luck to all Gamers and Sponsors. We hope you enjoy all the new updates we’re constantly integrating into our Gaming Platform!

Game On!

-DFS Team.

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