🗓️April Gaming Calendar💥

We hope you are ready for what is coming on DFSocial Gaming. Get your Gaming Pass ready and enjoy while sponsoring & playing!

There will be a big surprise at the end of the month, can you guess it? 😱

Telegram Group: https://t.me/defisocial

GAMING PASS grants access to all tournaments of the month.


The wallet that owns a Gaming Pass is allowed to sponsor 1 gamer in every tournament (the gamer can be different for each tournament).

Is it worth it?

Let’s do the maths!

The total locked amount to sponsor 1 gamer during the month is:

  • 2 bDFSocial. Chess #3

Total: 16 bDFSocial

With the Gaming Pass : 10 bDFSocial

Gaming Pass offers a 37.5% discount in April! This can only go better, as the number of tournaments can only increase.

Are you ready?

DFSocial Team.

DFSocial Gaming is a innovative project bringing together DeFi and Gaming.

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