DFSocial is pleased to announce that we’ve accomplished one more objective on our roadmap. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to bring something unique to our community.

Today we’re going to present: DFSocial NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)! This addition will change the game for both gamers and sponsors. We’re going to incorporate the NFTs into the ecosystem in a very different way.

DFSocial’s NFTs will consist of different collections. The first one will be released shortly, and it will be DFSocial’s very first NFT collection; therefore, we want to make it memorable for our supportive and loyal community.


DFSocial AMA

The DFSocial team has always kept in mind that we want to build a project where we give our community a voice and control over the future development of our services and platform, as well as providing our users with the highest level of transparency.

Due to the amazing wave of new users coming in to DFSocial Ecosystem, the DFS Team has decided to host a LIVE AMA (Ask Me Anything) session where everybody can send us their doubts, questions or concerns and they will be answered on our Twitch channel. That’s not all😏

All the selected questions of this…

The DFSocial team is ecstatic to announce the first-ever token buy-back! We’ve spent $6,000 from the proceeds from the NFT auctions to buy back tokens on Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

As you all know, the transactions are completely public and can be reviewed by anyone with block explorers.

The purchased tokens will be used as gaming rewards and another services that will soon be revealed and added to the ecosystem. 🤫

Use the links below to verify if you please:

  • Uniswap Transaction


  • PancakeSwap Transaction


The DFS team hopes the community understands that the recent changes will only benefit all…

🗣 Registration period: Until Wednesday 11th August 12:30 UTC

🗣 Play period: From Friday 13th August 15:00 UTC until Sunday 22rd August 15:40 UTC

🗣 Join here: https://dfsocial.com/CSGo8.html

Tier: REGULAR . Max. Participants: 100


  • FaceIt account with +40 hours (CSGo)on the Stream account
  • Sponsor must lock for 1 month 0,5 bDFSocial to register a gamer. Regular Tier - Gaming Pass is allowed to join.
  • Join on our website and learn how to do it here


👉 Those who play with friends with +2 levels of difference will be removed from the tournament.

👉 Games on servers other than EU will…

Chess #7 is here!

To join DFS Chess simply follow the instructions on https://t.me/DFSocial_Chess and sign up to the DFSocial Chess Club over at https://www.chess.com/club/dfsocial-club/join


Tournament registration requirements

  • To be eligible for rewards you just need to lock 5 bDFSocial before the 3th event starts or own a Gaming Monthly Pass. You can join the Chess tournament at any stage up until the 3th tournament, even after 1 or 2 events already been played out. The locked tokens will be available to unlock once the full event rewards can be claimed.
  • Min. number of games on Chess.com to join: 100


DFSocial Implements Chainlink VRF.

DFSocial Gaming is committed to our Gamers & Sponsors — first and foremost. Whether it’s offering the widest selection of games, adding new ways to reward our users in crypto, or ensuring the platform is as efficient and secure as can be, no stone will be left unturned in our quest to see DFS rise to the top based on input from our loyal community.

It has been quite a ride since the platform went live six months ago, resulting in tremendous growth in users and supporters thus far. However, we are not stopping there — we have integrated Chainlink…


  • The accessories used for combat such as armor, weapons and food will be added in chests where players must take everything in it. (One chest per player)
  • Participants must create an account on Toornament.com (The player name and user ID must be the same: Minecraft IN-GAME Name.)
  • In order to access the server and play your game, you must wait in the toornaments lobby for a MOD to send you the server’s IP and tell you that you can enter. (Anyone who enters out of time or without a MOD telling them to do so, will be automatically disqualified).
  • The…

Registration period: Until Tuesday 10th August 12:30 UTC.

Play period: 3 games will be played. On August 12, 19 and 26. One game at 16:00 UTC each day.

This media includes content that is not owned by DFSocial.



The tournament will be streamed on Twitch.

  • Prize-giving : Ten (10) bDFS
  • Max Players : 150
  • Gamemode: Solo

Requirements to participate:

  • Sponsor yourself (100% of the reward): Lock 0.5 bDFSocial for 1 month here: https://dfsocial.com/COD1.html You also need to enter your wallet address and your Activision ID. [Tokens are needed]
  • Get sponsored by a holder (50% of the reward): Send your Activision ID and wallet address to a holder and he will lock…

To our DFSocial community,

As you may have noticed, the team has had its hands full in recent months with multiple upgrades and additions to the platform. To continue the progress at which the team is currently operating, we have decided that it would be very beneficial for DFSocial to begin charging a 10% commission (fee) on the rewards of the tournaments and leagues in the future.

Current Rewards Breakdown:

50% = Gamer

50% = Sponsor

New Rewards Breakdown:

45% = Gamer

45% = Sponsor

10% = Platform Fee

Note: This fee will be effective from the next tournament’s announcement.

To our loyal DFSocial community,

The DFSocial team is proud to announce that DFSocial is now a part of the Delta DIRECT community! 🔥

Delta DIRECT allows teams to connect to existing and potential future investors. Anyone using the Delta app will be able to receive news alerts directly through the app. 📡

With over one million app installs, a 4.8 App Store rating, & 750,000+ reachable users, Delta DIRECT will help to increase the exposure of DFS to its users. 📢

Hit the ‘Notify me’ button on the general token info page (scroll down) to receive Medium, Steemit, RSS…

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