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3 min readApr 19, 2021


At DFSocial we are pleased to announce a new tournament. This time the tournament will consist of 3 vs 3 battles and everyone will be able to watch them on Twitch.

We do not rest and we will continue to bring more tournaments every month. Stay tuned!

  • Registration Period: From 20th April to 29th April of 2021
  • Tournament start:

Quarter-Finals: 30th April 17:00 UTC

Semi-Finals and Finals: 1st May 17:00 UTC

  • Prize-giving: From 1st May to 3rd May of 2021
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It will consist of a total of 15 bDfSocial to be distributed among the TOP 4 Teams.

The amount of bDFSocial will be distributed as follows:

  • 1st Position: 8 bDFSocial
  • 2nd Position: 4 bDFSocial
  • 3rd Position: 2 bDFSocial
  • 4th Position: 1 bDFSocial

Each person (sponsor and gamers) will receive 25% of the reward.


DFSocial will ban those who don’t respect the rules. The following actions will be considered as a violation of our rules and will be bannable disqualifying the player from the tournament he is currently in and banning him from all future tournaments. In turn, if the sponsor violates any of them or has evidence of the breach of these rules will be banned in the same way as the player:

  • Registrations Rules
  • Gaming Rules
  • Streaming Rules
  • Terms & Conditions (Accepted by the sponsor when registering players)

Registrations Rules

In order to participate in the Brawl Stars #3 Tournament, players or sponsors will have to lock a total of 2 bDFSocial for 1 month and in turn, interested players must meet the following requirements:

  • All participants must have the DFSocial’s Brawl Stars account #PCUR89U9J added to their friends’ list.
  • Lock 2 bDFSocial before the registration period is ended.
  • Max 8 Teams.
  • The sponsor must enter the correct data when joining the tournament: the team’s name and the wallets of the 3 players (this information can’t be changed once registered).
  • All the players must join our Discord.
  • The captain of the team must join our Discord and send a message (Brawl Stars channel) with the following data: the team’s name and the Brawl Stars tag of the 3 players.
  • Half an hour before the tournament captains will be asked to check in on the discord. They will have 15 minutes to do it.

Gaming Rules

  • All matches are the best of 3 games.
  • No changes of names are allowed.
  • All games will be Brawl Ball mode.
  • The map will be randomly selected by the streamer during the live show.
  • The same brawler cannot be chosen in two consecutive games (per team).
  • Draws:

Case 1: The scoreboard is 1–1 and the one game is a draw. Play again the tied map with the same brawlers.

Case 2: The scoreboard is 1–0 and the second and third games are a draw. Team 1 is the winner.

Case 3: The scoreboard is 0–0 and the 3 games are a draw. Play again the last map with the same brawlers.

Streaming Rules

In order to join the games in the Brawl Stars #3 Tournament, players or sponsors will have to watch the live show on our Twitch channel and follow these rules:

  • All participants must have the DFSocial’s Brawl Stars account #PCUR89U9J added to their friends’ list.
  • When the streamer calls a team, 1 of the captains (the streamer will say who) must create the game and share the invite code through the proper channel on Discord. All the players (from both teams) must appear before 5 minutes since the code is posted.

Regarding connection issues, if there are 2 people with lag problems the game could be repeated. It is necessary to record the screen during the game and send it as proof to the tournament moderator via Discord.

Happy Gaming!



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