🆕New Tournament!


  • +20.000 trophies🏆 at the time of the tournament start.
  • Sponsor must lock for 1 month 2 bDFSocial to register a gamer. Semi Pro Tier — Gaming Pass is allowed to join.
  • Join on our website and learn how to do it here.
  • Add as a friend our official Brawl Stars account 👉#L09P8VU2V✅


👉 The objective of the tournament will be to win the highest amount of games with your best brawlers. For your score only the last 20 matches will count.


🆕 Factor takes into account the average of the trophies won each game.

Prize Pool:

📌 The Total Prize to share between all the participants is 15 bDFSocial.

Any Question?

Telegram Group: https://t.me/dfsocial_bs_announcements



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