🆕New Tournament

🆕 Invite at least 2 friends to the tournament and get rewarded! How does it work?

  • You must join the tournament.
  • When your friends (or the sponsors) do their registration, they can enter your Brawl Stars name or tag.
  • Once the tournament has finished, players who invited at least 2 players will receive 0.1 bDFSocial.

Sponsors who are not players are not allowed to earn by inviting players.

Invited players who get banned or who joined BS Tournament #1 will not count.

Registration period: Until Friday 9th April 12:00 UTC

Play period: From Friday 9th April 13:30 UTC until Sunday 18th April 15:30 UTC.

Requirements to participate:

  • +16.000 cups 🏆 at the time of the tournament start.
  • Sponsor must lock 2 bDFSocial at the time of signing up the sponsored player and they will be released two weeks later. Gaming Pass owners can join without locking tokens.


The objective of the tournament will be to win as many cups as possible in the tournament period.

Any game mode may be played without restrictions.

Each player’s score will be determined as follows:

Score = A + B


  • A = Difference between the number of cups the player finished the event with and the number of cups the player started with.
  • B = Number of cups the player finished the event divided by 8.

The Total Prize to share between all the participants is 25 bDFSocial. It will be modified to 20 if the number of players is less than 25.

Your share of the total prize is calculated as your share of the total score. Each player’s share will be determined as follows:

Share = Score / Total Score


  • Total Score is the sum of the scores of all the participants.

In order to calculate the reward of each participant, the share will be multiplied by the final prize of 25 bDFSocial to know how much prize money has been won.

Reward = Share * Total Reward 💰

Example: You start with 16000 cups and finish with 24000 cups. Your score is:

Score = (24000–16000) + (24000/ 8) = 8000+ 4000= 12000

Let’s say the total score obtained by all the participants is 96000. Your share is:

Share = 12000/ 96000= 0.125

Your reward is:

Reward = 0.125 * Total Prize = 0.125 * 25 = 3.125 bDFSocial

Once the tournament is over, that same day, each participant’s score will be published. Sponsors will have two days to submit it on the DFSocial Gaming website.

In order to verify the Brawl Stars’ account, please add as a friend our official Brawl Stars account BEFORE THE GAMING STARTS.
Once you are accepted, just send us a message and you will be verified.

Tag: #PCUR89U9J ✅

Sponsors who joined fake gamers accounts will be detected. No cheaters allowed on DFSocial ❌

If players/sponsors to not adhere to or follow the rules and instructions of the game DFSocial Admin will have no option but to remove said player from the game/tournament. DFSocial Admin decisions are final.🧐

Are you ready?

DFSocial Team.



DFSocial Gaming is a innovative project bringing together DeFi and Gaming. https://dfsocial.com

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