COD #2 ZOMBIES — New Tournament!

The ZOMBIES have arrived on the DFSocial Gaming platform. SURVIVE as long as you can!


In response to this misunderstanding we have decided to extend the tournament duration for one more week for any issues caused.

Players will be able to apply this fire damage removing tactic if they wish.


Gameplay between: 24th May 0:00 UTC — 6th June 23:59 UTC



  • Map: IX (Nine) — Call of Duty Black Ops 4
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation and Xbox.
  • Only DUOS allowed.
  • Reach the highest round that you can without opening any doors or barriers.
  • The game must be played on ‘Hardcore’ difficulty, Custom Mutations are not allowed.
  • Only Classic Elixirs are allowed (green ones). Talismans not allowed.
    No glitches or exploits allowed.
  • Every round must be played in full.


To submit the score, players have to post a tweet mentioning the account DFSocial_Gaming. It must contain the hashtag #DFSocial_Zombies and a link to the full game video.

  • All coop games require to show loadout in the lobby before launching the map. It’s also recommended for solo.
  • We strongly recommend full gameplay.
  • Twitch: Make sure your footage is highlighted as past broadcasts will not be accepted.
  • YouTube: Make sure your video is public or unlisted.


2nd Place: 2.5 bDFSocial

3rd Place: 1.5 bDFSocial

💰BONUS: The team (DUO) that achieves the WORLD RECORD will get an extra bonus of 3 bDFSocial.

Visit the following web to see the current WORLD RECORD:


  • Option 2: Get sponsored by a holder. Send your info to the sponsor and he will register your team (DUO).
  • The reward is divided 25% Sponsor|75% Team automatically.

Required data: Displayed names of both players and the wallet address where they will receive the reward (only 1 address for both players).

Both players’ names must be entered in the same input.

Please read the rules of this tournament carefully and thoroughly. Failure to comply with any rule will result in disqualification from the tournament.

Any question? 👇



DFSocial Gaming is a innovative project bringing together DeFi and Gaming.

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