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4 min readOct 13, 2021

DFSocial Gaming is committed to our investors — the team always prioritize security while offering the highest quality DeFi (Decentralized Finance) services to allow everyone to earn yield from our Staking and Farming products.

It has been quite a ride since the platform went live ten months ago, resulting in tremendous growth in users and supporters thus far. However, we are not stopping here — we’re pleased to announce that the team has locked the DFSG token reserves on TrustSwap to take our security standards to the next level and offer our community a transparent and easy tool to track DFSocial’s reserves.

TrustSwap is a decentralized application that allows blockchain projects to lock their tokens in a non-custodial, time-released smart contract vault. TrustSwap’s audited smart-contracts securely lock DFSocial’s tokens which they never take custody of nor they have access to them. The team reserves can now be reviewed by our users and other useful information such as the amount of tokens locked, their unlock date and many more in the user-friendly interface TrustSwap has.

🆙 DFSocial will Leverage TrustSwap technology to:

  • Improve investors confidence — Locking the Liquidity Pool ensures that the liquidity cannot be “pulled”, thereby making it impossible to scam investors. Additionally, locking project tokens ensures that DFSocial team will not sell tokens onto your project’s market, taking money from them.
  • Provide an easy tracking tool — TrustSwap publishes DFSocial’s lockup details and project information in an easy-to-read display, giving our investors confidence and security.
  • Increase Transparency and Security — Investors demand fast and reliable information to make decisions on which coins to purchase. TrustSwap makes it easy to view lockup details, smart contract risks, and our internal scoring analysis.

đź“Š Lockups Distribution

DFSocial team has designed a lockup system where the tokens get unlocked gradually in order to be used in the future. This way we can ensure they’re not accessible and that the team has to optimize the current reserves. Below you can find how these reserves have been distributed.

  • Gaming: a total of 3M $DFSG are locked in 3 batches of 1M $DFSG tokens each. 1.1M of tokens are unlocked on this wallet and will be used for the coming tournaments and special events.
  • Team: a total of 450K $DFSG are locked in 2 batches of 225K $DFSG tokens each. 190K of tokens are unlocked on this wallet and will be used for salaries.
  • Marketing: a total of 750K $DFSG are locked in 3 batches of 250K $DFSG tokens each. 300K of tokens are unlocked on this wallet and will be used for collaborations, partnerships and listings, among others.
  • Reserves: a total of 550K $DFSG are locked in 2 batches of 275K $DFSG tokens each. 150K of tokens are unlocked on this wallet and will be used on the long term if needed.

We’ll make another announcement on the 1st of November 2021 when we add the liquidity on Pancakeswap to our new pool ($DFSG/$BNB) and we lock the LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens on TrustSwap.

âś… The locked tokens can be publicly found through this link or on Team.Finance page searching by DFSocial token symbol ($DFSG) or by the token address (0x612C49b95c9121107BE3A2FE1fcF1eFC1C4730AD).

The team is working harder than ever, taking massive steps forward with the recent launch of our new token ($DFSG) and improving the security of our platform while adding new features and services. We would like to thank our community for your support. Let’s continue to level up DFSocial Gaming ecosystem!

Game on!

Team DFSocial.

About DFSocial Gaming

DFSocial Gaming is a De-Fi video game platform specializing in tournaments to reward users of the platform in cryptocurrency based on their performance. DFSocial separates itself from the rest of the pack is the unique Gamer/Sponsor dynamic that allows anyone (even if you’re not a gamer) to reap the benefits of juicy prize pools. This feat can be achieved by “Sponsoring” a player, resulting in gaming prizes being distributed 50/50 automatically via smart contracts. Farming and StakingStaking and Farming services are available to earn additional rewards.

Offering a wider variety of games than other crypto-gaming platforms, our loyal community regularly calls the shots as their votes on future games is the final word.

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