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Blockchain company DFSocial is the number one gaming platform that allows users to earn cryptocurrencies while playing their favorite games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Chess, Poker and the latest upcoming game, Brawl Stars.

Up to this moment, only professionals and top gamers managed to earn reasonable income from playing games online. However, that is now starting to quickly change. DFSocial aims to give opportunities to the everyday gamer, by providing regular tournaments with a wide range of rewards.

“We have people from the Philippines earning life-changing rewards. They are getting access to opportunities that have never existed before.” — stated Peroliver Asalibi, a Community Member.

Also, unlike most tournaments where gamers have to pay fees to register, with DFSocial, in order to register for a tournament, the user must only hold a small amount of the DFS token in the wallet. The value won’t be lost, and able to be withdrawn once the tournament ends.

DFSocial ecosystem brings together investors and gamers. If a gamer is new to cryptocurrencies and does not hold any token, DFSocial allows the registration to be sponsored by a current investor that holds the DFSocial Token. The rewards of the tournament will be split by the two 50–50. Then as the new gamers earn their first income, they then can register by themselves on the tournaments and take full advantage of the prize award and be eligible to earn the full prize.

The platform has successfully completed 5 tournaments, has 3 currently ongoing, and schedules more on a weekly basis.

Tournaments rewards have been ranging between apx. 2000$ to 12000$ USD in total prize. Games have been added to the first gaming platform as per community request, and registrations have been steadily increasing.

As of January 2021, Counter-Strike for example has reached more than one million players on the Stream platform. The multiplayer first-person shooter game is one of the most sought games in the industry, and DFSocial has made it more interesting as you can now play and earn as an investor or a gamer.

Also, to add to the topic, the platform announced its partnership with Filipe “Pizituh” Pirez as a Gaming Ambassador. The new partnership promises to add much support for both present and future tournaments and expand the user base.

For now, many users are unaware of the possibilities of blockchain technology. With DeFi Social, the use of blockchain will reach a larger number of people, offering transparency, safety, and speed of payment. The platform is also planning to release its Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) soon, in addition to a new website expected before the end of the month of March.

DFSocial is the number one platform for expansive gaming, a bridge for the adoption of non-crypto players into the digital market space. DeFi Social targets millions of users with a chance to play their favorite games and earn rewards.

A popular Crypto Influencer and also Advisor, Crypto Pilot, while speaking on the DFsocial token, said that “ at a 10x valuation and a price of 1000$, the $DFS gaming platform will still only have a market cap of 5.4 million, which is still very undervalued in comparison with other competitors, such as Exeedme ($XED), currently at over 76 million of market cap. DFsocial is the absolute unicorn.”

It is worth noting that the DFSocial team started with just 3 members, and now they have expanded the team to 11 talented individuals, taking this project to greater heights. Join DFSocial and partake of the huge user and investors benefits and more.

As the digital gaming market continues to evolve it is clear that it will require initiative and hard work from those who wish to stay on top. One thing is for sure, however the space develops, it is certain that DFSocial will be there, leading the way.

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/dfsocial-gaming-earn-crypto-while-103836166.html

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