DFSocial Moves to BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

What does this mean for DFSocial Gaming Fees?

  • Migration from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain (https://www.binance.org/en/smartChain)
  • Fees will become a fraction of what they were — BSC users pay less than $0.10 per transaction, while Ethereum DEX users pay $4.5 per transaction — making BSC 49x cheaper. BSC now hosts popular trading platforms including Burgerswap, TrustSwap, and PancakeSwap to name a few.
  • Fees will be paid in BNB instead of ETH
  • You will be able to do everything as normal on your Metamask.

What does this mean for DFSocial Gaming Token?

  • DFSocial will still exist on the Ethereum network as a tradeable token however for it to be utilised as a gaming buyin for DFS gaming it will need to be swapped for bDFSocial at a 1:1 ratio. The only way to create bDFSocial tokens is by swapping DFSocial for bDFSocial.
    The sum of the Total DFSocial supply + Total bDFSocial supply will always be equal to 21000 tokens
  • There will be a trading pair of bDFSocial and BNB. The idea being gamers can easily navigate to BSC and purchase bDFSocial tokens with BNB and they’re ready to go (having paid little to no fees!)

What does this mean for DFSocial Staking Pools A + B and the Farming vaults?

  • All the DFSocial services offered in the ETH network ( farming, staking, Uniswap pool) will be unaffected and remain in operation.
    What next?
  • In order to move, we need to add liquidity to a BSC DEX such as BurgerSwap. We expect to add this liquidity at the end of February.
  • New games smart contracts will be deployed in the BSC, so we suggest you move your tokens there and enjoy earning while playing with lower fees.
  • Over the coming weeks we will be providing Gamer/Holder Friendly tutorials to detail everything, but we assure you the proccess is really easy.

Useful links:

WEBSITE: https://dfsocial.com/



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