🏪🛒 DFSocial Proudly Presents the DFS NFT Marketplace! 🛒🏪

On June 1st, 2021, the team launched its proprietary DFS Auction System, with the first Collectible set of NFTs being released from DFSocial Gaming. This set contained rare and valuable NFTs for collectors in our community which granted their holders increased rewards, bonuses and privileges. Bonuses from these special NFTs applied to Gamers , Sponsors & Stakers alike and gave various other perks, like free access to tournaments and increased rewards.

Today, the team is proud to announce the launch of the DFSocial NFT Marketplace!

DFSocial NFT Marketplace is now live!

This NFT Marketplace will be special, as it will offer collectors (sponsors/investors/gamers) the opportunity to bid on NFT auctions directly with their bDFSocial tokens.

To celebrate this occasion, we will be launching a collection of special NFTs that offer new perks for NFT collectors! The perks these NFTs will be offering will range from free access to our tournaments for a specific duration, to increasing your gaming rewards and other rewards we will be able to disclose when we are ready to announce some of the other projects we have been working on in the past weeks! Our new special NFTs will be available at the DFS Auction very soon to commemorate this event!

With the introduction of the DFSocial NFT Marketplace, users will be able to bid on the auctions for DFSocial NFTs and NFT owners will also be able to sell their NFTs, all on the same platform. Just as the games are voted on by our community, the NFT sellers will also determine the value of said NFTs on the open market. This will give everyone holding bDFSocial a fair chance of purchasing NFTs from our collections and will also increase the long term benefits for owners of the NFTs.

The price of an NFT will be determined by the seller when the order is placed. These orders can be edited and cancelled. The history of transactions of our users will also be available in the marketplace. There will also be a special section of our marketplace where bDFSocial holders can add their own NFTs.

In our NFT marketplace, you will be able to see global statistics. The statistics will include information about:

  • Total active orders.
  • Total NFT trades.
  • Total traded bDFSocial.
  • Total Earned Bonus (bDFSocial earned in tournaments through bonuses from NFTs).

The DFS team takes much pride in being a completely decentralized and secure platform for our user base. After all, there is no De-Fi without decentralization. The launch of this platform is only one of the projects on the big list of projects our team is passionately working on at this moment. We are looking at short term projects, but also investigating huge partnerships with big companies and personalities in the #GameFi and #DeFi business. We will soon be able to announce much more, so make sure to stay up to date on all our news by joining our Discord server and following our twitter!

We appreciate all your feedback and hope the community is as excited for the future of DFSocial Gaming as the DFS team is!

DFSocial Team.

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