DFSocial Proudly Presents the DFS Prediction Pool!🔮

To our loyal DFSocial community,

We have great news! 📰

🎁 As the special Warzone Event is looming just around the corner (16th of July), we wanted to allow our community to participate and benefit from it! 🎁

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve successfully released our very first The DFSocial Prediction Pool for this special event! 🔮

The DFSocial Prediction Pool will operate as follows:

DFSocial holders will be able to participate by locking $bDFSocial tokens. They will try to predict (5 available options) something related to a tournament and winners will share the prize pool according to their locked amount. The locked tokens are always back once the locking period is ended.

DFSocial Predictor is here!


Q: How many kills will the winning WarZone Streamer end up with? 🎯

Option 1: Between 1–23
Option 2: Between 24–30
Option 3: Between 31–37
Option 4: Between 38–44
Option 5: 45+

Note: Four (4) games will be played.

Users will have to select one option in locking their bDFSocial tokens in exchange for an entry; either 1, 3, or 5 bDFSocial tokens.

At the end of this event, the DFSocial team will announce the winner based on the performance of the streamers. The Prediction Pool will be distributed among the winners based on the number of tokens of each user locks.


- Participation: One (1) unique wallet address per vote.
- Lock-up Period: Fifteen (15) days, users can claim their tokens after the lock-up period.
- Prediction Pool Total Prizes: Three (3) $bDFSocial tokens are up for grabs.
- Prediction Pool Distribution: Winners will be paid out based on the number of tokens locked.
- Matches: Four (4) games will be played.

Example Case:
- Total Prediction Pool: Three (3) $bDFSocial.
- Three (3) users participated and selected the winning option with 1, 3, and 5 bDFSocial tokens, respectively.

The winners will receive:
+ First user locked one (1) $bDFSocial: 1/9 = 11.11% = 0.3333 $bDFSocial tokens.

+ Second user locked three (3) $bDFSocial: 3/9 = 33.33% = 0.9999 $bDFSocial tokens.

+ Third user locked five (5) $bDFSocial: 5/9 = 55.55% = 1.6665 $bDFSocial tokens.

Easy, right?

Any Question?

Website: https://dfsocial.com/

Telegram Group: https://t.me/DFSocial_Poker

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/3f2ta9hMbJ

The team hopes that the DFSocial community enjoys the new DFS Prediction Pool and profits from the pool by making all the right moves! 🗳

Game on!

Team DFS

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