💎Game Over — DFSocial Unleashes NFTs into the Ecosystem💎

DFSocial is pleased to announce that we’ve accomplished one more objective on our roadmap. We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to bring something unique to our community.

Today we’re going to present: DFSocial NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)! This addition will change the game for both gamers and sponsors. We’re going to incorporate the NFTs into the ecosystem in a very different way.

DFSocial’s NFTs will consist of different collections. The first one will be released shortly, and it will be DFSocial’s very first NFT collection; therefore, we want to make it memorable for our supportive and loyal community.

The first NFT collection will consist of two (2) types:

  • Collectibles: A set of NFTs for collectors who want these rare and valuable tokens with perks that are exclusive to those who obtain the very first of DFSocial’s NFTs. Each will provide unique bonuses that will be released in the future. The holders of these NFTs will become a part of DFSocial’s history — with the added advantage of the future potential price appreciation due to its rarity and perks. The first set of this kind will contain an NFT representing each game included in the DFSocial Gaming Platform.
  • Bonus: Take advantage of extra perks — whether they’re playing, sponsoring, or both — they’ll be able to have capitalized on more benefits, added rewards, obtained unrestricted access to tournaments and more! Missing out on this rare opportunity could be seen as catastrophic.

Team DFSocial would like to clarify that these NFTs are extremely limited. There will be initially just one (1) of each in circulation, globally.🔥

🆕 NFT Auction System

For the NFT distribution of the first collection, the team has developed a proprietary auction system where users will place bids to see which NFTs are in demand, performing the best, etc.

Each day, we’ll release a new NFT. Day by day we will be discovering the NFTs in our social networks. Then everyone will be able to see the image, the bonus and other details about the token.

1st auction: 1st June 2021

Each Auction will work as follows:

  • Only Binance-Peg BUSD Token (BUSD) BEP-20 will be accepted. Contract Address: 0xe9e7CEA3DedcA5984780Bafc599bD69ADd087D56
  • Total Auction Duration: 1 day.
  • Initial Bid: To Be Announced by DFSocial’s team.
  • Minimum Increment per Bid: To Be Announced by DFSocial’s team
  • Bid Withdrawals: Bidders who haven’t placed the last bid (if you’re not the current winner)
  • If you’ve already placed a bid and want to increase the bid amount, you need to enter the total amount. Note: ONLY the difference in price between the two bids will be sent to the auction’s smart contract (e.g., the first bid placed was 100 BUSD). If you want to add 50 BUSD more, you’ll need to enter the total amount of 150 BUSD, at which point only 50 BUSD will be deducted from your wallet’s balance.
  • 5-Minute Cool-Down Period: Once you place a bid in the auction, it won’t allow another until the Cool-Down period has ended (5 minutes).

When the auction ends, the winner will receive their NFT, and the other participants will automatically have their bid amounts returned to their wallets.

The NFTs will be added to the website once the auctions conclude.

The NFTs will also be made available through a public table with the results of each auction (NFT ID, auction winner & final bid price).

All NFT bonuses will be activated sometime in July (the exact date will be announced) and all NFT holders will then able to fully leverage their exclusive NFT collection.

Check out our tutorial to learn how to participate on DFSocial Auctions

🆕 NFT Marketplace

DFSocial holders will be able to buy and sell DFSocial NFTs within our upcoming Marketplace. We’ll provide more information about it soon and we’re convinced it will be a huge opportunity for collectors, gamers and sponsors around the world.

DFSocial NFTs will be available for buying/selling on the NFT Marketplace only with $bDFSocial.

🆕 More!

Now that we are a DeFi-Gaming project with an NFT platform being included, DFSocial Team is testing new exclusive services for the awesome community we are building. As a hint, a new premium service running on the BinanceSmartChain will bring together the whole DFSocial’s philosophy: DeFi (By staking), NFTs (By NFTs with bonuses) and Gaming (By entering tournaments)!

Team DFSocial wants to make it abundantly clear that the team truly appreciates the support and feedback received from the community and will strive to improve the platform continually.

Game on!

Team DFSocial.

DFSocial Gaming is a innovative project bringing together DeFi and Gaming. https://dfsocial.com