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2 min readMay 1, 2021


We hope you’re ready for some exciting news, DFSocial Community, a genuinely beneficial change for our loyal supporters — and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! 🥳

Although DFSocial sponsors are taking full advantage of the earning rewards through their gamers (that they’ve sponsored to split the winnings 50/50 with), what if they could ALSO earn rewards through their locked tokens? 💡

Today, we’re pleased to introduce the 🆕 Gaming Pass!

Up until now, sponsors could get the Gaming Pass locking ten (10) $bDFSocial.

From this point on, Sponsors will lock LP (Liquidity Provider) tokens instead of $bDFSocial tokens for access to the DFSocial Gaming Pass — providing BOTH earning rewards from gamers while ALSO earning rewards from trading fees! 🔥🔥🔥

This change is effective immediately. 🤑

Available Gaming Pass Tiers:

ONLY-PRO Tier: Four (4) LP tokens — access to ALL tournaments
SEMI-PRO Tier: Two (2) LP tokens — access to SEMI-PRO & REGULAR tournaments
REGULAR Tier: One (1) LP tokens — access to REGULAR tournaments

At the time of writing, 1 LP = 0.82 bDFSocial + 1.21 BNB.

👉All the tiers will be unlocked on the 1st day of the month (00:00 UTC), and the LP tokens will be returned to their owners.

👉The required amount for each tier can then be modified.

👉During the 1st day of each month, the new amounts will be announced, and then LP holders will be able to get a new Gaming Pass.

👉You can get the LP tokens by adding $bDFSocial and $BNB to the Pancake Swap’s pool here:

We hope you’re all excited about the new changes as we advance to make DFSocial THE De-Fi Gaming Platform of the future! Game on! 🕹



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