🔮How do DFSocial Predictor Events work? 🔮

The prediction events represent one of the various services offered on the DFSocial platform. It is exclusive to holders of the DFSocial Gaming token ($DFSG) and consists of trying to guess the correct answer to a question related to one of the tournaments we organize. Not all tournaments have a Prediction Event, so it’s best to take advantage of those that are available!

The question of each event and its possible answers are equal for the whole community. In each event, the question is published along with a variable number of options (possible answers). To select an answer, you will need to lock DFSG tokens. The user must choose the amount they want to lock for one (1) month from the following options:

  • 6,000 DFSG
  • 4,000 DFSG
  • 2,000 DFSG

The user can choose more than one answer, but will need to lock tokens for each option they choose.

How much is earned with Prediction Events?

In each prediction event there is a prize pool that is distributed among the winners, usually this is 3,000 DFSG (this prize comes from the project’s gaming rewards reserves). The winners are those who select the correct answer. The jackpot is distributed among them automatically according to their contribution to the locked tokens to that answer versus the total contribution. The more tokens you lock for an option, the more share of the prize pool you get for the mentioned option.

Let’s see it with an example:

Prediction Event: How many goals will be scored in the Rocket League #6 tournament final?
Possible Answers:

  • [Answer 1] 1 or less
  • [Answer 2] Between 2 and 5
  • [Answer 3] More than 5

Prize pool to be distributed: 3,000 DFSG
User A locks 2,000 DFSG in each of the answers (6,000 DFSG in total).
User B locks 6,000 DFSG in [Answer 1]; and 4,000 DFSG in [Answer 3] (10,000 DFSG total).

  • If the correct answer is [Answer 1]:

A earns 2,000 / 8,000 *3,000 = 750 DFSG 👉 Profit = 25%.
B earns 6,000 / 8,000 *3,000 = 2,250 DFSG 👉 Profit = 37.5%.

  • If the correct answer is [Answer 2]:

A earns 2,000 / 2,000 *3,000 = 3,000 DFSG 👉 Profit = 150%.

  • If the correct answer is [Answer 3]:

A earns 2,000 / 6,000 *3,000 = 1,000 DFSG 👉 Profit = 50%.
B earns 4,000 / 6,000 *3,000 = 2,000 DFSG 👉 Profit = 50%.

Both A and B receive the tokens they locked, one (1) month later. That is, they are not gambles. The tokens that are locked to participate are always fully recovered.

This means that you can not lose tokens, but only win. Thanks to our economic model, we can offer services such as Prediction Events, in which $DFSG holders can participate without the risk of losing tokens.

Good luck!

Team DFSocial.

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