Migration to V2 and New Farming Vault! 🆕💸

Dear community,

Last Saturday, PancakeSwap migrated PancakeSwap Router and PancakeSwap Factory contracts to V2. This was done in order to include the upcoming new features and some changes of the previous fee structure. They have also updated their operational security.

Our first priority is always to ensure our community funds. Therefore, we have been working carefully on our migration to V2 to continue to provide our Farming BNB/bDFSocial product. The migration was successfully done today at 14:00 UTC. That’s not all! We have released a new Farming product for our community. Its new exciting features are:

Farming Vault V2 — BNB/dBDFSocial 🔥

  • Total Allocation: 50 bDFSocial

Will I lose my LP tokens or pending rewards?

No. You will not lose your LP tokens or any rewards that you have already earned.

What will happen to Farming V1?

If you staked on V1 your funds are safe and you will not lose your pending rewards either. V1 Farms are no longer providing trading fees since PancakeSwap migrated to V2.

I staked on V1 and I want to keep earning rewards. What should I do?

You have to unstake your LP tokens and remove the liquidity from V1. After that, you can add liquidity to V2 and start earning rewards from the new Farming Vault V2!

Go to DFSocial Farming Plaform

Are you ready?

DeFi Social Gaming Team.

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