MONTHLY RECAP — November 2021: Scan DeFi and Partnerships, DFSG Listing on SWFT App, New Roadmap, New NFTs Auctions, & more!

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4 min readDec 1, 2021

Hey DFSocial community!

We’re very close to the end of 2021 and what a month we’ve had in November! We’ve announced new partnerships to keep growing our ecosystem such as Scan DeFi and Now, our new $DFSG token is tradable on SWFT cross-chain app making it accessible from multiple blockchains by swapping more than 250 tokens! The team released our new roadmap for the end of this year and the promising 2022: the new DFSocial has already started! We concluded this amazing month with the launch of our new NFTs and an AMA session hosted by SWFT Blockchain team. It’s now time to jump into the details!

🕹️Monthly Tournaments Stats:

Registered Gamers: 512 | Rewards Distributed: 120k $DFSG (∼$30k)

🔥New all time high in the total number of registered gamers!

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🛡️Partnership with Scan DeFi!

Scan DeFi is a project that was launched to protect users from scams and create a community where everyone publishes their experience with non-legit projects. They’ve audited our project and reported that DFSocial meets their security standards. We’ll be working together on their educational platform and gaming events in the future. — Read More

🤝Marketing Partnership with! was launched 2 years ago to help blockchain companies to create business strategies and designs to succeed in a digital world. We’ve been working together in the past months on several promotions and publications on the most popular page media news such as Cointelegraph and Yahoo Finance. will be helping us with increasing brand exposure and reach more audience.— Read More

🆕DFSG token listed on SWFT Blockchain cross-chain app!

Our partner SWFT has migrated to our new token and they have listed it on their cross-chain app. Now, users can swap more than 250+ tokens from the most popular blockchains to DFSG through their bridge and mobile apps. We also had an amazing AMA session on their Telegram chat, check it out through this link!— Read More

🚀DFSocial released our new Roadmap!

After the great success of the last year, we’ve introduced the new objetives we have for the coming months! New communication and marketing plans, DFSocial jumping into the E-sports, Mobile app and DFSocial Game launch, and a new Sponsoring service we’ll be offering for big events! — Read More

💎New NFTs ready for auction!

In order to boost our gamers and sponsors experience our team has released a set of new collectible NFTs which provide 10k $DFSG worth of FREE registrations in January tournaments! Don’t miss them out and get one of our special NFTs in our auctions page! — Read More

👀 What’s coming in December?

We just want to finish this amazing year in the best way possible! Our 1-year anniversary is around the corner! The team has a lot of surprises! We’ll have a very special month where we’ll launch our Mobile App as a Christmas present. We’ll integrate new Earn services which we’re convinced our users will love. Our team never stops building to finish this amazing 2021 year and enter 2022 more ready than ever for the new DFSocial era!

Game on!

DFSocial Team.

About DFSocial

DFSocial Gaming is a De-Fi video game platform specializing in tournaments to reward users of the platform in cryptocurrency based on their performance. DFSocial separates itself from the rest of the pack is the unique Gamer/Sponsor dynamic that allows anyone (even if you’re not a gamer) to reap the benefits of juicy prize pools. This feat can be achieved by “Sponsoring” a player, resulting in gaming prizes being distributed 50/50 automatically via smart contracts. Staking and Farming services are available to earn additional rewards.

The DFSocial ecosystem also has an NFT Marketplace with our proprietary system of NFT Auctions. Offering a wider variety of games than other crypto-gaming platforms, our loyal community regularly calls the shots as their votes on future games is the final word.

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