New Game: Call of Duty WARZONE! 🆕

Call of Duty (CoD): Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale video game released for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, & Windows. Published by Activision, Warzone was released in March of 2020 and is a part of the Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War game released in 2019 & 2020. In May 2020, Activision announced that Warzone had surpassed over 60 million downloads in the first two months. In April 2021, Activision announced that Warzone had reached 100 million active players.

Warzone allows online multi-player combat of up to 200 players, featuring cross-platform play and cross-platform progression between three games. With a wide selection of game modes, maps, weapons, and equipment, Warzone has been a staple in the FPS (First-Person Shooter) genre in its relatively brief existence.

The game features three main modes: Plunder, Resurgence, and Battle Royale. Warzone introduces a new in-game currency system that can be used at “Buy Stations” in and around Verdansk. “Loadout” drops are an example of where Cash can be exchanged for limited access to players’ custom classes (which are shared with Modern Warfare’s standard modes before Season 6, v1.29, but now are unique to Warzone). Players may also use Cash to purchase items such as “killstreaks” and gas masks. Cash is found by looting buildings and killing players that have Cash on them.

Join the fun and register for the next upcoming CoD Warzone tournament and win your share of the prize pool by sponsoring a skilled gamer or just play it yourself!

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  • Registration Period: Until 3 hours before the tournament starts.
  • Tournament start: The following Saturday when 75 registered players are reached. The tournament will start at 16:00 UTC.
  • Prize-giving :

1st Position: 💰 $10k 💰 paid in bDFSocial. 🥇

2nd Position: 1 bDFSocial 🥈

3rd Position: 0.5 bDFSocial 🥉

4th-10th Positions: 0.25 bDFSocial

Those players in the TOP 10 must send a screenshot through the dedicated Discord channel (COD Warzone) where we can see the final position in the game.

How to enter?

  • Sponsor yourself (100% of the reward): Lock 0.5 bDFSocial for 1 month here: You also need to enter your wallet address and your Activision ID. [Tokens are needed]
  • Get sponsored by a holder (50% of the reward): Send your Activision ID and wallet address to a holder and he will lock 0.5 bDFSocial for you. [Tokens are not needed].

Activision ID Example: DFSOCIAL#3385586

All tournament participants, both players and streamers, must add to their friends list our Warzone account: DFSOCIAL#3385586

The tournament will be streamed on Twitch. We will create a game and all the participants must join it. They will have 10 minutes since the game is created to join it, then the game will start.

You can play on PC, PS4, PS5 or XBOX, but make sure that you enable the “cross-platform” option before joining the game.

Finally for any NEW player who is going to participate actively or spectate in the tournament, before starting the game for the first time we recommend creating an account here: and link your blizzard account in the section: Profile / Account Linking / It is better to do it before starting the game for the first time because this way the game starts directly and otherwise it takes too long to start and it can get stuck in the loading screen.

Any Question?


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