Tournament Announcement! Chess #4

To join DFS Chess simply follow the instructions on and sign up to the DFSocial Chess Club over at


Tournament registration requirements

To be eligible for rewards you just need to lock 2 bDFSocial before the 3th event starts or own a Gaming Monthly Pass. You can join the Chess tournament at any stage up until the 3th tournament, even after 1 or 2 events already been played out. The locked tokens will be available to unlock once the full event rewards can be claimed.

Min. number of games on to join: 100

Note: Participants who don’t lock tokens won’t be able to join the tournament. However, players can be sponsored (someone lock tokens for them) in order to join. The reward is divided 50%|50% automatically.

Registration Period : Until 20th May 2021

Tournament Dates

6th, 13th, 20th and 27th May at 18:00 UTC*

*Hours may be changed according to community’s feedback.

Tournament Format: Head to Head Tournament Knockout

Reward: 15 bDFSocial ($16,500*) to share between gamers and sponsors according to the final score.

Special Reward FOR EACH event (x4):

The duration of the games will be “3 min” *

*Duration may be changed according to community’s feedback.

Community Link: 👉 👈

Happy Gaming!

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