Tournament Announcement! CSGo #6 🔥

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Requirements to participate

  • FaceIt account. You need an account here: and at least 40 hours of counter strike on the Steam account.
  • Sponsor must lock 5 bDFSocial at the time of signing up* the sponsored player and they will be released once the tournament is finished. Owners of a Gaming Pass with the ONLY-PRO Tier are also allowed to join.
  • The sponsor must enter the Faceit username of the Team Captain (CASE SENSITIVE) and the wallet of the Team Captain (The 75% corresponding to the team will be given to the team captain).
  • Max. Participants: 32 teams.


  • Once the team captain has registered for the tournament on, the captain must add DFSocial as a friend on Faceit. Here is the link to our faceit profile.
  • The team captain will have to create the team in Faceit and add the other players of his team. In the following link you have the direct link to create the team.
  • Once the team is created you can register for the tournament through the invitation that we will have sent to the captain’s Faceit profile. The captain will register his team and select the players that will play with him during the tournament.
  • The tournament will have the same rules as the competitive Faceit games. Knife round, voting before the match and contact with support in case of incident.
  • The first round will start at 12:30 UTC. The other rounds will start as soon as both teams have finished their previous rounds.
  • All rounds to be played at BO1.
  • The 3rd and 4th place will be decided in a private game with the same rules as the other Faceit games, the team at the top of the bracket will create the game. The winner must provide a screenshot of his victory by contacting directly a Moderator of the CSGO channel on telegram.
  • All winners of each match must take a screenshot as proof so that in case of dispute or incident they can prove the result.
  • In case any captain loses the invitation to the tournament we leave you the link to the private link of the tournament so you can join if the invitation does not work. All teams will be verified first with our tournament database.
  • No Team will be allowed to enter outside of registration hours.
  • No player will be allowed to enter as a substitute who does not appear on his team’s substitute list prior to registering for the tournament.


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DFSocial Gaming is a innovative project bringing together DeFi and Gaming.

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DFSocial Gaming

DFSocial Gaming

DFSocial Gaming is a innovative project bringing together DeFi and Gaming.

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