Tournament Announcement! 🆕 Poker #4 🔥

Requirements to participate:

  • Sponsor must lock 2 bDFSocial at the time of signing up the sponsored player and they will be released 2 weeks later.
  • Join DFSocial’s Club


Stats are displayed on


  • 1st Position: 5 bDFSocial 🥇
  • 2nd Position: 3.5 bDFSocial 🥈
  • 3rd Position: 2.5 bDFSocial 🥉
  • 4–9th Positions: 1.5 bDFSocial
  • 10–18th Positions: 0.5 bDFSocial

Any Question?

Telegram Group:



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DFSocial Gaming is a innovative project bringing together DeFi and Gaming.