Tournament Announcement! 🆕 Poker #5 🔥 [REGULAR]

The 5th DFSocial’s Poker Tournament is here!

It will be the first REGULAR Tournament!

Registration period: Until Thursday 6th May 23:59 UTC

Tournament Start: Friday 7th May 17:00 UTC

Requirements to participate:

  • Sponsor must lock 0.5 bDFSocial at the time of signing up the sponsored player and they will be released 1 month later.

Club ID: 4757177
Invitation Code: DFSOCIAL

  • Join the tournament on DFSocial’s Club

During tournament Pokerstar chips will be used, no need to buy cash chips to join tournament.

Note: Participants who don’t lock tokens won’t be able to join the tournament. However, players can be sponsored (someone lock tokens for them) in order to join. The reward is divided 50%|50% automatically.


Stats are displayed on

The objective of the tournament will be to get the highest position.


  • 1st Position: 2 bDFSocial 🥇

Once the tournament is over, winners will be able to claim their rewards (48 hours maximum).

If players/sponsors to not adhere to or follow the rules and instructions of the game DFSocial Admin will have no option but to remove said player from the game/tournament. DFSocial Admin decisions are final.

Any Question?

Telegram Group:


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