Tournament Announcement! Rocket League #3 🔥

The first DFSocial 3 vs 3 Rocket League Tournament is here!

  • Registration period: Until Thursday 29th July 14:00 UTC
  • Play period: 31th July 16:00 UTC.
  • Crossplay allowed ✅



Until Thursday 29th July 14:00 UTC.


31th July 16:00 UTC.


1st Place: 4 bDFSocial 🥇

2nd Place: 3 bDFSocial 🥈

3rd Place: 2,5 bDFSocial 🥉

4th Place: 1,5 bDFSocial

5–8th Places: 1 bDFSocial

How to join?

  • EUW Rocket League Account.
  • Each team sponsor/player lock 2 bDFSocial during 1 month. Gaming Pass is also accepted. (
  • Required data: Wallet of the team’s captain and the Rocket League Team Name.
  • Max teams: 16.

Rewards split is 50% / 50% (Sponsor / Gamer)

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Requirements to participate

  • Participants must create an account on & register for the tournament through link below. Player Name and Rocket League Name must be the same.
  • The Rocket League name used for registration MUST be correct to avoid the player/team being disqualified.

Note: Participants who don’t lock tokens won’t be able to join the tournament. However, players can be sponsored (someone lock tokens for them) in order to join. The reward is divided 50% Sponsor|50% Team automatically by smart contract.


Game Mode: Classic 3 vs 3

Map: DFH Stadium

In case of a tie-breaker, the first to score a goal will win.

Only EUW players will be allowed.

  • Once the sponsor has registered for the tournament on, the player must join our Rocket League tournament on
  • The player with the higher position in the bracket must create the game and post the final result when his match is over.
  • The tournament will have the same rules as the competitive Rocket League games.


Players must enter their IN-GAME name, the one that appears at the bottom left in Rocket League when toornaments asks for player names, any IN-GAME name that is not the same as the one shown in toornaments will cause the team to be disqualified.

ALWAYS be sure to post the result, win or lose. In case you are not satisfied or if you detect something suspicious, incorrect names, possible hacks… Whatever it is, put the match in dispute so that no progress is made and the organization can solve the problem in the most convenient way. If both teams post a result and then you are not satisfied the organization will not be able to do anything, the same will happen if only one team posts the result.

In the event of a dispute, team DFSocial will investigate the situation and rule accordingly with the evidences provided. The terms and conditions accepted in the tournament registration will be followed in order to take action Code of Conduct.

  • Players must communicate only through the game lobby provided by the website; communication via the Rocket League chatrooms will NOT be permitted. Anything communicated in the Rocket League chatrooms will NOT be valid for the purposes of the DFSocial gaming platform.

The banning of cheaters will be carried out via the lobby provided by

  • The first phase of the tournament bracket will have a maximum wait time of ten (10) minutes for the start of the match; players must immediately communicate in the lobby that they are ready to begin once the game has been created.

Players will have ten (10) minutes from when the first player notifies the lobby. If the opponent does not show up, it will be up to the player who first communicated to decide if the late opponent can play. DFSocial will respect the decision of the player who arrived first — regardless of the outcome.

  • It is a mandatory requirement to attach a screenshot showing the result of the victory — the player who wins the match will be the one who uploads the screenshot, as in the previous tournament.

If a player does NOT supply the screenshot when uploading the result, DFSocial will be forced to disqualify the player from the bracket — and the opponent will advance. DFSocial will ban players who attach fraudulent screenshots from upcoming tournaments.

  • Any issues regarding the match between two teams will be notified creating a discord ticket with the evidences. Players must provide their ‘Team Name’ so the administrator can locate the match and look into the incident.

Any issues will NOT be resolved via Telegram.

  • At the time of tournament registration, the Rocket League name used for registration must be correct.
  • The breaching of any of the rules will result in the banning of the cheater, and there will be no discussion with any DFSocial mods to alter said decision.

Please read the rules and ask any questions. Our moderators will answer any questions you have without issue — BEFORE the tournament. Once the game starts, moderators cannot divulge ANY information — so be sure to get all the details beforehand.

  • The tournament will start exactly at 16:00 UTC any player who has not entered the tournament before that time will not be able to participate and will be disqualified.
  • The first round will start at 16:10 UTC. The other rounds will start as soon as both teams have finished their previous rounds.
  • All rounds to be played at BO1 and the final at BO3.
  • All players must play the entire game regardless of the result, it will not be allowed to leave the game. If any player intentionally leaves the game he/she will be banned from all DFSocial tournaments.
  • It is forbidden to interact in the match chat either manually or with the predefined texts provided by the game.
  • It is allowed to use any kind of car or accessory.

DFSocial will NOT negotiate to reverse this ruling; all decisions made by the team are final.

Once the tournament is over, the positions of all players will be published. Prizes will be delivered within 72 hours.

If players/sponsors to not adhere to or follow the rules and instructions of the game DFSocial Admin will have no option but to remove said player from the game/tournament. DFSocial Admin decisions are final.🧐

Are you ready?

Team DFSocial.

Any Question?

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