🆕Tournament Announcement! Rocket League Championship #9 🔥

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4 min readJan 3, 2022


Join our tournament for FREE (3 steps):

1) Create your wallet (Metamask)🦊
📹 👉 Click here to watch the tutorial (< 2 minutes) or docs👈

2) Find a sponsor in the Discord.

There is a dedicated channel called #sponsor-marketplace where you can ask for a sponsor.

3) The sponsor will register you for the tournament ✅.


👉 Sign up yourself on our website by locking 2,500 $DFSG tokens. They are returned to your wallet after one (1) month or unlocked after 5 days with a 5% fee.

🆕 Sponsor can change the name (only the name) of the team/gamer by paying a 50 DFSG fee, only available before the registrations are closed. The wallet of the gamers can not be changed.

Play Rules:

👉 Each team will play 3 vs 3 in a single-elimination bracket system over the course of 1 event. The event will be played in Toornament (check Toornament section).

👉 Map: DFH Stadium | Game Mode: Classic 3 vs 3

👉All matches will be played BO3 except the final, which will be BO5.

👉 All cars and accessories are allowed | Not allowed to leave the game

👉 Server: EUW | Rules: Ranked Rocket League Games

👉 Please, check the ‘Extended rules’ section at the bottom of this article.

The bracket will be announced a couple of hours before the event, once the registrations are closed.


🆕 Both players of each team must create an account on Toornament. The captain of the team must register both players:

1️⃣ On each match, the team on top of the bracket must create the game and invite the team on the bottom. For example: In this case ‘i come în peace’ must create the game and invite ‘Siifer’.

2️⃣ Players should communicate through the game lobby (chat) provided by the Toornament website inside your bracket.

3️⃣ Every team must wait for the opponent due they might be playing the previous game unless a moderator says that you can move on.

4️⃣ Upload a screenshot of the victory inside the Toornament bracket to verify the win. Both teams must verify the result in Toornament.

In case one of the teams does not agree with the result, the team must notify it on “Dispute report”.

Prize distribution:

📌 Prize Pool $1200 + BONUS

📌 The tournament will be played in only one day:

WIN = You will be classified for the next round.

LOSE = You will be eliminated from the tournament.

Note: If a team does not show up or leaves the match, he will be disqualified and the rival will be classified.

📌 Your reward will be calculated as follows:

Total Rewards Distribution→ 45 % Gamer/45% Sponsor/10% DFSocial

Extended rules

· Recording the game is highly recommended as if any player breaks any type of rules, with that proof, will be more than valid to take a decision.

· Make sure your in-game name matches with the name you register on the DFSocial website and on Toornament (only on the events played through Toornament).

· Participants who do not register on the DFSocial website will not be able to join the tournament.

· Players who do not participate in the tournament will not sum points to the Sponsors League (points given for registrations won’t be valid).

In the event of a dispute, DFSocial will investigate the situation and rule accordingly with the evidence provided.

The terms and conditions as well as the Code of Conduct accepted in the tournament registration will be followed in order to take action.

This T&C accepted allows DFSOCIAL to remove players that do not adhere to or follow the rules and instructions detailed here and on our website.

See you on the pitch🔥.

DFSocial Team.



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