Upcoming Changes to DFSocial’s Rewards Structure📌

To our DFSocial community,

As you may have noticed, the team has had its hands full in recent months with multiple upgrades and additions to the platform. To continue the progress at which the team is currently operating, we have decided that it would be very beneficial for DFSocial to begin charging a 10% commission (fee) on the rewards of the tournaments and leagues in the future.

Current Rewards Breakdown:

50% = Gamer

50% = Sponsor

New Rewards Breakdown:

45% = Gamer

45% = Sponsor

10% = Platform Fee

Note: This fee will be effective from the next tournament’s announcement.

This change will significantly improve our ability to progress in less time while allowing for an earlier start to future developments and implementing new ideas to the platform.

Rest assured that all fees accrued from tournaments and leagues will be dedicated to the improvement and long-term sustainability of the platform.

These funds will/may be used for:

  • Gaming Rewards Bags: For special events or additional tourneys
  • Increased Marketing Efforts
  • Add/Lock Liquidity
  • Integration of a token burning mechanism (where the smart contract will burn a portion of the fees, making DFS even more scarce and deflationary)
  • Future development of additions to the platform/structure

We hope the community understands that these fees will NOT go to any team members and will STRICTLY be used to improve the platform, player pools, or liquidity pools.

This step is required to immediately take the DFSocial experience to the next level by increasing the player pools & making improvements to the tournaments without setbacks. We understand that some may be disappointed in the short term, and for that, we apologize. The primary objective is to keep the DFSocial Gaming platform moving smoothly with development as marketing and partnership efforts gradually increase.

Team DFSocial will continue working diligently to prove that we are indeed committed to making DFS the #1 crypto-gaming platform in the world! We’d like to thank all our community members for your continued support.

Game on!

Team DFS

Any Question?

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Website: https://dfsocial.com/

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