Today we would like to announce a new batch of open positions at DSocial. Since we started this adventure almost 9 months ago, we have not stopped growing. This growth has been steady, and the time has come to take a step further. In this way, and with the same objective of continuing to improve DFSocial, we want to find the most qualified and eager people for the following positions:


You will be working on articles to publish on major news platforms such as and as well as working with the DFSocial Team on tournament announcements, proofreading social media posts and various other textual aspects of DFSocial.

Experienced Casters:

We want to turn our gaming tournaments into real live streaming shows. To do this, we need to have the best and most entertaining casters. If you have experience as a caster in a game included in our platform and you think you can make watching a gaming tournament a unique experience, this is the place for you!

Pro Players to join our eSport team:

Get ready, DFSocial Gaming is the new eSport team! The competitions in which it will participate will be both internal to DFSocial, as well as external, allowing the promotion of our gaming brand beyond the tournaments we organize. If you have skills and availability for training and competitions, you can apply to join the team of your favorite game. Don’t forget to send us as much information as possible about your history as a player.

Crypto-Marketing Expert:

DFSocial has two needs right now: on the one hand, it needs new gamers to join the platform, allowing the organized tournaments to become bigger and more professional. And, on the other hand, it needs new investors who appreciate the value of the project and decide to invest in it; sustaining the value of the token and thus making not only the tournaments more attractive (bigger prizes) but also the project in general. Therefore we are looking for people who have the necessary skills to bring our project to as many new investors as possible.
Two (2) positions of this type are offered, experience in a similar position is a must (please do not apply if you have no experience).

Solidity Senior Engineer:

Backend development pertaining to the blockchain. Being involved in the research, design, development, and testing of blockchain technologies. At DFSocial we never stop coming up with new ideas and unique services to offer our community. If you are attracted by challenges and have demonstrable experience in similar positions (at least 3 years), send your application now.

Online-events organizer expert:

The world changes, sometimes just overnight. During this difficult time, events that gather a great number of people are being avoided to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19. For this reason, events are being held online. We’re searching for someone who supports ours events marketing and management needs to get the most out of our online events. Experience in organizing online gaming events is a must.

Making DFSocial the best Crypto-Gaming platform in the world. If you want to be part of this revolution, it’s time to take a step forward!

We look forward to your applications. If you’re interested in any of our open positions and fulfill its requisites, send us an email to:

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