First DFSocial Poker League!

🌎 Take your country to the top of the world!

The World Series will be played individually. The score achieved by the players during the first three series will contribute to their country’s total score. Once the top 6 countries are known after playing the first 3 series, the top 3 players of each country will share equally the country’s reward. But the best is yet to come! The World Series finals will host the top 1 players from each country, who will represent their flag in an exclusive round table where they will compete for an even greater reward; the exclusive NFT Trophy for an unstoppable BONUS at DFSocial Poker. The rewards and the Scoring System are explained below.

There will be 4 series on the following dates: 25th July,1st August, 8th August and 15 August.

Registration period: Until Saturday 24th July 00:00 UTC.

Max. Number of Players: 75.

Requirements to participate

During tournament, Pokerstar chips will be used, no need to buy cash chips to join tournament.

Note: Participants who don’t lock tokens won’t be able to join the tournament.

Joining Rules

Gaming Rules

Claiming Rules

Rewards (23 bDFSocial 💰)

After the end of the 3 series, the rewards will be distributed among the TOP 6 countries of the general ranking:

*The rewards of each country will be distributed equally (same amount) among the 3 players with the most points.

*If a country in the TOP 6 is represented by 1 or 2 players, the award will be distributed as follows: all for the player (1 player) or equally (same amount) among the 2 players.

Final series: This series will be played by TOP 1 players of the TOP 6 countries

Scoring System

The TOP 31 of each series will receive points as follows:

In each series, the country´s score for the general ranking will be calculated as follows:

A = Total points of country

B = Number of players (of the country) in the TOP 31

C = Number of players (of the country)

Country score = A * B / C

Where Can I Follow The World Series?

You can watch DFSocial playing the tournament on Twitch with 5–10 minutes delayed.


If players do not adhere to or follow the rules and instructions of the game DFSocial Admin will have no option but to remove said player from the game/tournament. DFSocial Admin decisions are final.

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