Tutorial — How To Join a Tournament?📘🎮

In this quick tutorial, learn how to register for a tournament — either as a gamer or a sponsor. Let’s jump right in!

On the DFSocial Gaming Platform, we have created a new model for Gamers and Sponsors.

  • Gamer: Find a Sponsor to register you in a tournament (free of charge) to compete in one (1) tournament; all prizes will be split equally 50%|50%.
    Alternatively, you can also sponsor yourself and keep all the prizes won through gaming tournaments. The required amount depends on the tournament’s tier that you choose that best suits your needs.
    This option is suitable for those that know how to play, want to play (to earn), or those that are willing to learn — to gain an edge.
  • Sponsor: Be a Sponsor to register a fellow Gamer in a tournament to compete for tournament prizes; they’ll be split equally 50%|50%.
    This option is suitable for those that don’t play games, have no interest in games, don’t have time to play games, or for those that would prefer to sponsor an experienced gamer to increase their chances of winning the biggest prizes by Sponsoring the best of the best.

If you get the Gaming Monthly Pass you’ll have access to ALL tournaments based on your selected tier. As a sponsor, your Gaming Pass will provide you BOTH your gamers’ rewards and earning trading fees! 💰

Check here our Tournament’s Tiers

Registration Steps

  • Normal Sign-Up: Lock $bDFSocial tokens for access to a single tournament.
  • Gaming Monthly Pass: Lock LP tokens for access to ALL tournaments for that month, based on your tier — either for yourself or to sponsor another gamer.

Check our Tournament’s Tier info here.

Brawl Stars Registration

Will I lose my locked tokens?

No. Locked tokens will be returned to the same wallet address used to lock said tokens after the lock.up period expires, usually two (2) weeks or one (1) month.

Is it better to be a Gamer or Sponsor?

It’s up to you! Why not both? You can get some $bDFSocial and sign up for the available tournaments. At the same time, you take full advantage of the rest of your $bDFSocial holdings and use them for sponsoring new gamers. Check out our Gaming Pass to get access to ALL tournaments of the month🔥

How do we get paid?

If you win you’ll get paid in $bDFSocial.

If you’re new but want to try playing a game for prizes, you can look for a sponsor to sign you up; visit the DFSocial Telegram channels for more details.

Once registration is completed, you can check your registration status of that game by going to the tournament’s page and going through the list of the registered players.

Join our Telegram Channel: https://t.me/defisocial

WEBSITE: https://dfsocial.com/

DFSocial Gaming is a innovative project bringing together DeFi and Gaming.

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